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Axis Ideas

Aug 30, 2018

Today, you get a special treat to sit down with Melanie and Gary Alan who compile, write, and edit The Culture Translator (CT) every single week.  

They have the best eyes at Axis on the idea and process of Culture Translation. 

 - Hear their personal perspectives on parents/teens relating (even differing perspectives?!...

Aug 28, 2018

1. Teens getting paid for their posts on Instagram

2. Tattoos -- that's probably enough for today, eh? Tattoos alone could give us an episode. 


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Aug 20, 2018

Show notes coming soon...

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Culture Translator updates: 

Promised link (Facebook creating music talent app to rival -> Tik Tok) 

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Aug 13, 2018

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Aug 7, 2018

1. A BIG thank-you from Axis!!! 

2. Momo game

3. Confusing Christian-ese

+ What is our culture's biggest religion...hint: It's not something from a church.