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Axis Ideas

Sep 11, 2018

1. iOS 12

A useful link for iOS users: 

2. Social Justice Statement

(Nope, not Kaepernick yet...)

3. Just Do It

(There it is.)

+++ Biggest video games of the fall. 

Sep 6, 2018

 - What are the 5 steps to Culture Translation? 
 - "The world will always have an answer for our confusion - and it will always be apart from God's word." Agree? Disagree? 
 - How to have cultural conversations without being dualistic or off-putting to teens. 
 - What do the life of Jesus and culture translation have...

Sep 5, 2018

Three Things This Week

1. Madden Shooting

What it is: On Sunday, a gunman killed two of his fellow gamers at a Madden esports tournament in Jacksonville, FL before shooting himself.

Why it can stop: The shooter actively targeted fellow gamers as revenge for being eliminated from the tournament. Most mass shooters...