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Axis Ideas

Jan 9, 2018

Allison and Bryan take a tour of the new Axis Offices while discussing the Rose Bowl, End of the F***ing World, Looking forward to 2018, and Black Mirror!

1. Roses are Georgia Red
What it is: The Georgia Bulldogs won the Rose Bowl in an historic come-from-behind win against the Oklahoma Sooners on New Year’s Day.

2. The End of the F**ing World
What it is: I’m James. I’m 17. And I’m pretty sure I’m a psychopath.” That’s the opening line from Netflix’s new series that reviewers are calling “a violent, un-nostalgic look at teens on the run” (warning: graphic language).

3. What to Expect in 2018
What it is: Last year, our community of “CT” readers grew from 19,000 subscribers to 38,000! And, thanks to your financial partnership, we were able to keep the “CT” free. Thank you!

Season 4 of the controversial show Black Mirror released to Netflix recently, bringing with it more disturbing-yet-not-unrealistic portrayals of what might lie in our not-so-distant future. Episode 2, titled “Arkangel,” is no exception.

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